can tight clothes hurt baby during pregnancy

can tight clothes hurt baby during pregnancy

Can Tight Clothes Hurt a Baby During Pregnancy?

As any expecting mother can vouch, pregnancy brings with it an abundance of questions and anxious moments. One of those is whether or not your clothing can potentially hurt your baby. While denying yourself maternity fashion is certainly not necessary, here are a few tips to consider when picking out that perfect ensemble!

Fitting Clothing

It’s important to make sure that whatever pieces of clothing you’re wearing during pregnancy are fitting you correctly. Wearing clothes that are too tight may restrict blood circulation in the limbs, and can end up being uncomfortable. Choose clothes that are form-fitted, but that don’t cut in to your skin to ensure your optimum comfort and wellbeing.

Jeans & Skirts

Jeans are a common staple piece during pregnancy, but you don’t have to stress about finding the perfect pair. Look for stretchy or fitted black denim with a bit of elasticity for extra comfort. Skirts can be a great choice for those warm months, too! Opt for lighter fabric to help beat the heat.


It may seem like a small piece, but comfortable underwear is crucial during pregnancy. Look for pieces made from smooth and soft fabrics, such as nylon and polyester. Breathable fabrics coupled with low-rise seams are often the most comfortable. Avoid any underwear that may cut off circulation.

Overalls & Coveralls

An overall dress or jumpsuit can be a great option during pregnancy, since they are not only comfortable, they are also trendy! Look for pieces with adjustable straps and a drawstring waist. This will help to ensure that your clothing fits you securely without being too tight.

Overall, comfort certainly comes first when dressing for pregnancy. Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight, and focus on pieces that are comfortable and breathable. As long as you’re keeping these tips in mind, you and your baby will remain happy and healthy!

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