can u wash clothes with dish soap

can u wash clothes with dish soap

Can You Wash Clothes With Dish Soap?

Have you ever run out of laundry detergent but still have a full dish soap bottle in the cupboard? You may be asking yourself, can you use this to clean your clothes instead? The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. Here are the issues with washing clothes with dish soap:

The Damage It Can Cause

Using dish soap on your clothes can cause serious damage to them if not done correctly. Dish soap is generally far more concentrated than laundry detergent, so if you do not dilute it with water it will strip your garments of their natural oils, leading to discoloration, fabric breakdown, and fading.

The Cleanliness It Provides

When it comes to cleaning power, dish soap is also not as effective on clothes as laundry detergent. On top of that, the detergent residue that is left behind can leave your garments feeling stiff and uncomfortable. This residue can also make your clothes irritable to the skin.

The Inefficiency of Doing This

It is often more time consuming to use dish soap when washing your clothes. Since normal detergent is designed to dissolve quickly in water, you’ll need to stir a lot in order for the soap to mix with the water and clean your clothes more efficiently.


In summary, it is not recommended to use dish soap when washing your clothes. Although it might be a convenient option when you run out of laundry detergent, dish soap is too harsh and can cause fabric damage and residue build up, while being less effective at cleaning than laundry detergent.

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