can u wash towels with clothes

can u wash towels with clothes

Using Towels and Clothes Together in the Washing Machine

It is easy to assume that using towels and clothes together in the same washing machine load is not a good idea. But with some caution and knowledge, it can be done safely and effectively.

Sorting Your Laundry

Before throwing all of your towels and clothes into the same load, it is important to do the sorting.

  • Separate towels and clothes from the rest of the laundry.
  • If you are using heavily-soiled items, like athletic clothes, they should be washed separately.
  • Check all pockets, so small items like coins don’t end up clogging the drain.

Using Detergent and Bleach

Detergents and bleaches should be used with caution when washing towels and clothes.

  • Use one scoop of detergent per standard-sized load. Too much detergent can reduce the effectiveness of the cleaning cycle.
  • For heavily-stained items, use a mild bleach. But it is best to avoid using bleach with fluffy towels.

Using The Right Water Temperature

The water temperature is an important factor when using towels and clothes together.

  • For most items, a warm or hot water setting is appropriate. This is especially important if you are using heavy soiled items.
  • Avoid using cold water for items that are heavily soiled or stained. This can cause the items to be less effective when cleaning.

By following these simple tips, it is possible to safely and effectively use towels and clothes in the same washing machine load.

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