Can vomit bleach clothes

vomit bleach clothes


Can Vomit Bleach Clothes?

Vomit bleach clothes can cause embarrassment and discomfort. But can it also cause damage to clothing fabrics? Unfortunately, the answer is yes – and it’s even more worrying when the vomit contains undigested bleach.

What Happens When You Vomit on Clothes?

When vomit lands on clothing, the acid in it can damage certain types of fabric. A few of the materials most vulnerable to the acid in vomit include:

    • Silk


    • Linen


    • Wool


    • Rayon


Fabrics such as cotton and polyester are less vulnerable and more likely to fare better when subject to vomit damage.

Can Bleach Damage Clothes When Vomited On?

As a general rule, always exercise caution when vomiting (or coming into contact with vomit) near clothing. Bleach can create an even more potent acidic substance when mixed with vomit. This means that fabrics such as silk, linen, wool, and rayon all could be destroyed if they are exposed to vomit bleach clothes.

Cleaning Up Vomit Containing Bleach

If you or someone else has vomit bleach clothes or fabrics that contain bleach, the best option is to throw the items away. If the clothes or fabrics are particularly valuable, then it might be worth carefully removing the vomit and then cleaning the fabric with a gentle pH-neutral detergent or laundry soap.

To reiterate, the acid in the vomit can be powerful enough to cause fabric damage, and when mixed with bleach the destruction could be even worse. Exercise caution and avoid coming into contact with this dangerous mixture.

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