can women succeed selling men’s clothing

can women succeed selling men’s clothing

Can Women Succeed Selling Men’s Clothing?

The question of whether women can succeed in selling men’s clothing has been a continued debate. Considering the dynamic shift in the modern age and social acceptance towards equality, it is only natural that the gap previously present between genders is beginning to dissolve.

Benefits of Women Selling Men’s Clothing

Women are dynamic, creative and fiercely independent. This means that when it comes to selling men’s clothing, women have certain advantages that could be beneficial for both the seller and the buyer.

  • Marketing Experience: Women are more likely to have more experience in marketing and effective communication.
  • Flexible Nature: Women are able to perform a myriad of different tasks, from assisting customers, to networking and marketing.
  • Greater Connections: Women tend to be more in tune with the fashion industry, offering greater connections and insights.

Drawbacks of Women Selling Men’s Clothing

Just like there are advantages, there are also noteworthy drawbacks.

  • Unfamiliarity with Male Clients: Women are likely to be more comfortable dealing with women customers. This could be a disadvantage when trying to relate to male customers.
  • More Competition: Depending on the area of the market, there is likely to be more competition for men’s fashion than for women’s.
  • Some Customers May Not Respond Well: Some customers may not be comfortable with their clothing being sold by a woman – whether it be from traditional or cultural beliefs.


Although there are some drawbacks to women selling men’s clothing, in the modern age it is possible for women to succeed. It is important for women to remain cognizant of the potential drawbacks and aware of customer’s opinions. With the right marketing and communication skills, success is possible for those selling men’s clothing.

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