can women wear mens clothes

can women wear mens clothes

Women Wearing Mens Clothes – A Growing Trend

It is becoming more and more acceptable for women to break the traditional fashion boundaries and start wearing what has long been considered “menswear”. From fashion runways to celebrities, there’s no shortage of women wearing mens clothes in an effort to look stylish, fashionable, and cool.

Styles That Women Love to Wear

Here are some of the styles that women are particularly fond of wearing:

  • Button-Down Shirts – Women are revamping the classic button-down shirt by layering them under sweaters, wearing them knotted at the waist, or wearing them loose.
  • Tuxedo Pants – These sharp and tailored pants are being worn by fashion-forward women as an alternative to going out gowns.
  • Oxford Shoes – While originally designed for men, many women are loving the look and feel of a pair of classic Oxford shoes in either a black or brown leather.
  • Varsity Jackets – Varsity jackets are currently a must-have for the style-savvy woman. These jackets are both comfortable and stylish, perfect for a cold night out on the town.

What We can Confirm: Women Can Wear Mens Clothes

Women wearing mens clothes is no longer considered taboo and it has enabled women to feel more confident and daring with their fashion choices. While there’s no denying that menswear can be intimidating, there’s no reason why you can’t rock the look if that’s what you want to do. All it takes is a bit of courage and a little bit of tweaking and you can easily incorporate menswear into your daily wardrobe.

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