can women wear mens clothes without looking frumpy

can women wear mens clothes without looking frumpy

Can Women Wear Men’s Clothes Without Looking Frumpy?

While clothing is made in gender-specific sizes, many women’s fashion magazines have pushed the trend of borrowing menswear pieces and wearing them confidently in recent years. No one should feel like they can’t mix and match when it comes to their wardrobe, so it’s possible for women to rock men’s pieces without looking frumpy, as long as certain fashion principles are followed. Here are some helpful tips for how to do it:

Tailoring Is Key

Wearing men’s clothing is more than just throwing it on, as it usually means bringing in the sides and taking out the length at the tailoring shop. Tailoring is the best way to give a piece a custom fit and make it look just right on a woman’s body. Taking a blazer, for example, and cinching it at the waist with a belt will help accentuate curves and add a more feminine touch.

Choose Pieces Wisely

When adding men’s pieces to a woman’s wardrobe, it’s important to choose wisely. For example, if you’re looking to borrow a suit jacket, choose a pattern like houndstooth, pinstripe or windowpane, as solids will look too menswear-y. In terms of fabrics, linen, cotton and even certain wools or tweeds can all be stylishly tailored to a woman’s figure.


As always, accessories can make or break an outfit! When pairing a men’s piece with a women’s piece, aim for a statement piece, like a necklace, for example. Accessories are the best way to add stylish texture and character to the look and make it less frumpy.

Tips & Tricks

  • Look for smaller prints: Smaller prints are a great way to add femininity to a menswear piece.
  • Try different fits: Men’s clothing often have a boxier fit, so experiment with different tailoring ratios to feminize the look.
  • Mix patterns: Play with mixing patterns and textures for an updated, eye-catching ensemble.

By following these tips, it’s possible to pull off a menswear-inspired look without looking frumpy. Women can feel confident mixing and matching pieces from other gender’s wardrobes in order to create the perfect, put-together look.

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