can women wear mens clothes without looking frumpy

can women wear mens clothes without looking frumpy

Can Women Wear Mens Clothes Without Looking Frumpy?

Women today—in this era of self-expression and unabashed personal style—are more daring than ever when it comes to fashion. Women wear menswear-inspired ensembles because clothing no longer needs to define gender. Wearing menswear for women doesn’t necessarily have to feel masculine or androgynous either.

Strategies for Pulling Off Menswear Styling Without Looking Frumpy

  • Fabrics: To make menswear look chic and flattering, opt for items in fabrics like wool, denim and tweed. These are classic menswear fabrics that provide added structure and shape.
  • Fit: Menswear-inspired pieces should fit the body well. It’s important to tailor menswear pieces to make sure they fit properly while still maintaining a masculine shape.
  • Accessories: To make menswear look softer and more feminine, add luxury accessories like hats, bags, jewellery and scarves. These will create a more delicate, interesting look.
  • Colour: Choose colours that flatter your complexion. Nude tones, neutrals and pastel shades can be used to make menswear look more feminine.
  • Makeup & Hair: To soften the look, add a touch of makeup and a bit of texture to your hair. This will help to feminise the masculine look.

Mens clothing can be incredibly flattering on a woman’s body if worn correctly. In order to avoid looking frumpy or masculine, it’s important to pay attention to the fit, fabrics, accessories, and colours of the clothing. With the right styling, menswear can add a unique, stylish touch to any outfit.

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