can you bleach cream colored clothes

can you bleach cream colored clothes

Can You Bleach Cream Colored Clothes?

When it comes to bleaching clothing, you have to pay close attention to the type of fabric you are dealing with. Cream colored clothing can be a tricky item to bleach because of its delicate fabric.

What Type of Bleach Can You Use?

The best bleach to use on cream colored clothing is a color-safe bleach. This type of bleach is specifically designed to gently and safely remove stains without the risk of discoloration or fading. Non-chlorine bleach is also a viable option. However, be sure not to use any other chlorinated bleach, as this could significantly damage cream colored fabric.

Tips for Bleaching Cream Colored Clothes

Here are some tips for successful bleaching of cream colored clothes:

  • Read Care Labels: Before bleaching, always read the care labels on your cream colored clothing. This will give you an indication of what type of bleach is suitable for your fabric.
  • Test for Colorfastness: Test a hidden section of your cream colored clothing for colorfastness. This involves applying a small amount of bleach or non-chlorine bleach to the fabric and then checking for any discoloration.
  • Start With a Weak Solution: Start with a weak solution of bleach. This will help you avoid any severe damage to cream colored fabrics.
  • Be Careful With Hot Water: Avoid using hot water when bleaching cream colored clothes. Hot water can react with bleach and leave the fabric discolored.
  • Rinse and Dry Carefully: When finished bleaching, rinse the fabric well and then dry it properly. Avoid leaving the fabric in direct sunlight, as this can cause further discoloration.

When it comes to bleaching cream colored clothes, care and caution should be taken. With the right type of bleach, a weak solution, and careful rinsing and drying, you can successfully bleach your cream colored clothes.

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