can you bleach white clothes

can you bleach white clothes

Can You Bleach White Clothes?

You may have wondered if you can use bleach when cleaning white clothes at home. The answer is that you can use bleach to keep your white clothes looking bright, provided you use it safely.

Using Bleach for White Clothes

When used carefully and with the correct type of bleach for the fabric, bleach can help to whiten white clothes, remove stubborn stains, and make whites look brighter. Always read the clothing label first, as not all fabrics can be safely bleached.

Types of Bleach

There are several types of bleach available, with Chlorine and Oxygen bleaches being the most common options.

  • Chlorine bleach is best used on cotton, linen, ramie and nylon. It is not suitable for silk, wool or dyeable fabric, as it can cause discolouration.
  • Oxygen bleach is ideal for delicate fabrics such as silk, wool and dyeable fabric. It will not damage the material, but can leave whites looking gray and dull.

Using Bleach Safely

Whatever type of bleach you use, it is important to use it safely. Always follow the instructions on the bleach’s packaging and always wear rubber gloves when handling bleach.

Be aware that bleach can fade or discolour clothes, so perform a patch test first before using it on an item of clothing. When using it, always add bleach to the washing machine first and then add your clothes afterwards.


Used carefully and with the right type of bleach, you can keep your white clothes looking bright and clean. Doing a patch test before using bleach and following the instructions on the packaging are important safety steps.

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