can you buy new clothes in pokemon violet

can you buy new clothes in pokemon violet

Can You Buy New Clothes In Pokémon Violet?

Pokémon Violet is an exciting virtual reality game that allows players to interact with a world of Pokémon. With it, players can battle and capture the cute monsters, evolve them, and even train them with new moves and abilities. In addition, part of the fun is also creating custom outfits and accessories for your Pokémon. So, can you buy new clothes in Pokémon Violet?

In-Game Shop

Pokémon Violet does have an in-game shop, where players can purchase various items. The shop sells items such as balls, potions, and laptops for various jobs on the farm. However, there does not appear to be any items related to clothing or fashion.


Fortunately, there are still ways to customize your Pokémon’s appearance. As you progress through the game, you will unlock certain customization options. For example, you can choose colors, patterns, and other aesthetic features such as jewelry and glasses. You can also customize the shape and size of your Pokémon with a variety of clothing pieces.

Player-Made Clothing

If you’re looking for something more specific, some players have created their own clothing pieces by using various tools. Tools such as Photoshop and 3D modeling software can be used to create clothes that look just like real-world fashion. You can then share these clothes with other players online.


As you can see, while there isn’t an option to purchase new clothes in Pokémon Violet, there are still ways to customize the look of your Pokémon with the options available in the game. Additionally, if you’re really dedicated you can always create custom clothing using other digital editing tools. So yes, you can buy new clothes in Pokémon Violet, just not in the way you might expect!

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