can you change clothes pokemon violet

can you change clothes pokemon violet

Can You Change Clothes in Pokemon Violet?

Pokemon Violet is the latest installment in the Pokemon series and fans of the franchise can’t get enough. But many of them have questions about one of the game’s features – can you change clothes in Pokemon Violet?

Clothes in Pokemon Violet

The answer is a resounding yes – you can customize your character’s clothes in Pokemon Violet. The game has a robust clothing system that players can utilize to customize their characters’ fashion.

How to Change Clothes in Pokemon Violet

Changing clothes in Pokemon Violet is incredibly easy. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  • Open the Menu: You can open the menu by pressing the “start” button on your controller or keyboard.
  • Go to the Clothing Shop: You’ll need to navigate to the clothing shop from the main menu. You can find it by scrolling to the icon in the top-right corner labeled “clothing.”
  • Choose Clothing: Once you’re in the Clothing shop, you’ll be able to browse the selection of clothing and pick out the item you want to equip to your character.
  • Add Clothing to Your Inventory: After selecting the item you want, you’ll need to add it to your inventory by pressing the “add” button. It will then be equipped to your character.


So, yes – you can change clothes in Pokemon Violet. All you’ll need to do is navigate to the Clothing Shop and choose the clothing you want to equip to your character. After adding the clothing to your inventory, it will be equipped to your character, and you’ll be able to customize their look.

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