can you compost clothes

can you compost clothes

Can You Compost Clothes?

It’s possible, but difficult to compost clothing! Some types of clothing may be compostable, although many contain synthetic fibers and dyes that do not biodegrade. Composting is a process that relies on the break down of organic matter, so it’s not possible to compost most synthetic clothing items.

Types of Clothes That Can Be Composted

Some natural fibers like cotton and linen can potentially be composted. You can also compost some items that are made with a blend of natural fibers and synthetics. Additionally, some hard items like buttons, zippers, and other hardware that contain metal can be added to a compost pile.

Tips for Composting Clothes

  • Shred material: Before adding clothes to a compost pile, make sure to shred or tear the fabric into small pieces. This will speed up the composting process.
  • Remove hardware: If the clothing item contains any hardware, make sure to remove it before composting. Further, any buttons, beads, or other decorations must be removed to avoid contamination.
  • Limit synthetic materials: While some natural fabrics can be composted, it’s best to limit the amount of synthetic materials in a compost pile. Synthetics can take longer to decompose and contaminate the compost.

Bottom Line

Composting clothes can be possible, but it is important to consider the type of materials being added and make sure to break them down into small pieces. Also, it’s best to limit the amount of synthetic materials to avoid contaminating the compost.

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