can you drop off clothes at goodwill

can you drop off clothes at goodwill

Donating Clothes At Goodwill

Donating clothes, toys, books and other household items at Goodwill is a great way of reinventing them and giving them a new life. But did you know that you can actually drop off items at a Goodwill donate center? Here’s what you need to know about dropping off items at Goodwill.

Goodwill Locations

Goodwill has several locations where you can drop off clothes, toys and other household items meant for donation. Most Goodwill locations have a designated area where you can bring and deposit various items.

Items Accepted For Donation

Goodwill accepts most types of gently worn clothing like shirts, pants, coats, blazers, and other garments. Goodwill also accepts:

  • Electronics: TVs, computer monitors, cameras, phones and other related electronics.
  • Toys: Toys in good condition.
  • Books: Books of all genres in good condition.
  • Household Items: Glassware, utensils, small kitchen appliances, and other items not damaged or broken.

Packaging Of Donated Items

When you drop off items at Goodwill, make sure they’re packaged properly to prevent any damage. If it’s clothing, make sure they’re laundered and packed in a neat manner. If you’re donating books, make sure they’re not water damaged and packed in a box or bag. If you’re donating electronics, ensure that their cords and cables are taped up safely to make sure nobody gets tangled in them.

Tax Memo

When donating items to Goodwill, you will be given a receipt known as a tax memo. This will act as proof that you donated the items and can qualify for a tax deduction. Make sure to keep this memo with you as it can be very useful for tax filing.


Dropping off items at Goodwill is a great way to help out those in need and at the same time receive a tax deduction from the government. Before doing so, make sure to check that Goodwill accepts the items and pack them correctly so that they remain in good condition.

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