can you dry clean hand wash only clothes

can you dry clean hand wash only clothes

Can I Dry Clean Hand-Wash Only Clothes

Many times, clothes will come with a tag indicating if they should be dry cleaned or hand washed. But what happens when a garment that is labeled “hand wash only”? Can it still be taken to the dry cleaners?

When to Hand Wash Clothes

The best way to care for your clothes is to follow the instructions on the clothing tag. If the tag reads “hand wash only” then it usually means the fabric is too delicate for the harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning. Examples of fabrics that may require hand washing include silk, velvet, wool, and cashmere. Because these fabrics are delicate, handwashing is a gentler option than using chemicals.

Can You Dry Clean Hand-Wash Only Clothes?

The short answer is yes. If you take your hand-wash only garments to the dry cleaners, they can be dry cleaned. However, it is always best to ask the dry cleaner how they recommend cleaning such items. Before you do so, make sure to check the fabric content and ask the dry cleaner what kind of chemicals they use.

Things to Consider Before Dry Cleaning

There are a few considerations to keep in mind before taking delicate items to a dry cleaner.

  • Material: Some fabrics like silk and cashmere can easily be damaged with harsh chemicals. Ask the dry cleaner what kind of chemicals are used and make sure that the fabric you are taking is suitable for the cleaning process.
  • Colors: Dry cleaning can sometimes cause colors to bleed. Make sure to ask about this before bringing any garments to the cleaners.
  • Embellishments: If your garment has any embellishments or fragile decorations, it may be a better idea to hand wash only. A dry cleaner may not be able to clean such details carefully and you could end up damaging the garment.


In conclusion, it is possible to dry clean hand-wash only clothes, but it is best to ask the dry cleaner before attempting to do so. Make sure to consider the material and color of the item, as well as any embellishments, before deciding the best way to clean it.

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