can you dry clothes in a microwave

can you dry clothes in a microwave

Can You Dry Clothes In A Microwave?

As dryers get more expensive, people start looking for other ways to dry their clothes, and one of them is the use of microwave ovens. Is it possible to dry clothes in a microwave?

Is It Safe?

Using a microwave to dry clothes is not recommended, since drying wet clothes in the microwaves will likely damage the appliance or at least reduce its lifespan. The microwaves can also be dangerous because they are designed to heat food, not wet fabrics.

Better Alternatives

It is better to invest in some air dryers or ceiling hangers and use them for your laundry, as these are less expensive and safer. Some other alternatives to drying clothes include:

  • Air Drying: Hang your wet clothes on a balcony or other open place. Just make sure it’s not raining and that there’s enough sunlight.
  • Clothes Dryer: Install a dryer in your home, as it is the most efficient way to dry your clothes. Just make sure it’s an appropriate size for your laundry needs.
  • Hanging Rack: Place an indoor hanging rack in your home and hang wet clothes on it. This is a fast and efficient way to dry clothes, but it requires more space.
  • Washing Machine: You can also select a washing machine with a spin cycle, which will spin the water out of your clothes and leave them slightly damp, saving you time and energy.


In conclusion, drying clothes in a microwave is not a safe or recommended method for drying clothes, as it can damage both the appliance and the clothes. There are other, more efficient and affordable alternatives, such as air drying, clothes dryers, hanging racks, and washing machines with spin cycles.

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