can you dry clothes outside in the winter

can you dry clothes outside in the winter

Drying Clothes Outside In The Winter

It may seem impossible to dry clothes outside in the winter, but it is actually not only doable, but can even be beneficial!

Benefits Of Drying Clothes Outside

There are some great benefits of drying your clothes outdoors during the winter months. Some of these benefits include:

  • Lower Energy Costs: By hanging your clothes to dry outdoors, you eliminate the need to use a dryer, which can drastically reduce your energy expenses.
  • Fresh Smell: Drying your clothes outside in the cooler winter air gives them a wonderful, natural scent.
  • Environmental Impact: By not heating air for drying your clothes, you are reducing your contribution to global warming.

Best Practices For Drying Clothes In Winter

Follow these tips to ensure that your clothes can be dried safely and effectively on the line in the winter:

  • Choose Sunny Days: The best time to hang clothes outdoors to dry is when the sun is out and shining. This helps to dry your clothes faster.
  • Utilise Windproof Clothing Lines: To make sure that your clothes dry properly in the wind, use a windproof clothing line or peg them down securely.
  • Check The Temperature: Never to dry your clothes outside when the temperature is below freezing. This can cause them to become stiff and brittle.
  • Bring Inside To Finish: Even if the clothes are mostly dry, bring them inside to finish drying. This will help to avoid them becoming overly brittle.


Drying clothes outside in the winter is entirely possible! Just make sure that you follow the best practices for drying them safely and effectively. The benefits of drying clothes outdoors in the winter include lower energy costs, a fresh natural smell and a reduced environmental impact.

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