can you dry white and black clothes together

can you dry white and black clothes together

Can You Dry White and Black Clothes Together?

It is a common dilemma for anyone doing laundry – should you separate your whites and your darks before drying, or is it okay to put them in the same load? With the convenience of modern washing machines, the answer can actually be both.

General Guidelines

It is usually safe to mix dark and white items in the dryer, as long as certain guidelines are followed:

  • Check the fabric care labels: This is the most important rule of all – your fabric care label will give you specific instructions on how to care for a given piece of clothing. If it says to dry separately, then you should do just that.
  • Wash the items at the same cycle: Make sure you wash the items on the same cycle, preferably using similar detergents.
  • Keep the dryer at a low environment: Avoid high temperatures for both safety and color-bleeding reasons. Low to medium heat should be enough to get your items dry without any risks of damage.
  • Check the items regularly: It is a good idea to check the items periodically to make sure they are drying properly. If you notice any color bleeding, then separate the items as soon as possible.


Drying white and black clothes together can be done safely, as long as the above guidelines are followed. While it can save time, it is important to check the fabric care labels for any specific instructions, and to keep an eye on the items throughout the drying process.

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