can you dry white clothes with colors

can you dry white clothes with colors

Can You Dry White Clothes With Colours?

When you’re in a rush and can’t afford to take separate drying times for whites and colors when doing your laundry, you may be wondering if it’s safe to dry white clothes with colors.

Regular vs Color/Delicate Cycles

If you’re planning on drying whites and colors together, you should at least choose the delicate or color cycle for your machine. The regular cycle of your dryer can have temperatures as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which can make even black clothes fade. On the other hand, the delicate and color cycle usually ranges between 95 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit, plus the tumbler rotor moves more slowly so the clothes don’t get so rough and tangled.

Consider the Colors in Your Load

When drying whites and colors together, you should closely examine the colors in the load. Dark colors such as black, dark blue, green can all bleed. If there are too many colors in a single load, it may be more likely to frizz and fade your whites.

Other Care Tips

Other tips to keep in mind when drying your clothes are these:

  • Spot-test for colors: Before drying, put a few drops of water on a white item and see if the color bleeds. If it does, avoid washing and drying that fabric together with whites.
  • Increase drying time: To avoid colors from bleeding into whites, it is better to increase the drying time, either by choosing an extended cycle or adding more minutes.
  • Add a fabric softener: Using a fabric softener will reduce static more and make colors less likely to bleed.
  • Cleaning the lint filter: Don’t forget to clean the lint filter before every load to maximize air flow and avoid any color residue.


Overall, it is possible to dry white clothes with colors in the same load, but it is still important to take the necessary precautions to avoid any damage. Choosing the delicate or color cycle and increasing the drying time are just two measures you can take.

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