can you expense clothes for work

can you expense clothes for work

Expensing Clothing for Work

Do you ever wonder if you can expense clothing for work? It all depends on your situation, but in many instances, businesses are able to write-off clothing subscription services, uniforms, protective gear and much more. This article will help you better understand what clothing can be expensed.

Clothing Subscriptions

Business owners are able to expense clothing subscription services such as Trunk Club, StitchFix, and Le Tote. These services are perfect for employees needing a solution to their everyday work attire. With subscription services, businesses can be sure their employees always have the right attire.

Work Uniforms

Work uniforms may also be expensed. Businesses can recoup the cost for outfitting their employees and having them stood in the company colors. All business-related mie and expenses that qualify can be put toward deductions on taxes and can also be applied as reimbursements.

Protective Gear

Depending on the type of business, employers may be able to expense protective gear for their employees. These are items such as hard hats, aprons, safety glasses and gloves. If these items are necessary for the nature of the business, chances are you can expense the cost.

Other Considerations

When it comes to expensing clothing for work, there are other considerations as well. Clothes and items needed for business travel are often expensable as long as they are pertinent to the business trip. Furthermore, certain cleaning and maintenance charges for clothing can be expensed as long as it is to keep items in a serviceable condition for the business.


In summary, clothing related to work can be expensed including clothing subscriptions, uniforms, protective gear, business travel attire and more. Just be sure to document and track your expenses to ensure they are properly expensed.

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