can you get burn marks out of clothes

can you get burn marks out of clothes

Removing Burn Marks from Clothing

Clothing that has been damaged by burns can be disheartening, but there’s no need to despair. Removing burn marks from your beloved garments is a process that takes some patience, but it can be done! Here are some tips for getting your clothes back to pre-burn quality:

1. Assess the Damage

Before attempting any sort of burn-removal treatment, examine the clothing item carefully. Determine the material type (i.e. cotton, polyester, etc) and the severity of the burn marks. Different materials and levels of damage may require different treatments.

2. Use Cold Water

When possible, begin by saturating the burn marks with cold water. This may help to dampen and loosen the marks depending on the severity. It’s important to use cold water, since hot water can actually make the marks worse.

3. Determine a Treatment Option

Depending on the type of fabric and the severity of the burn marks, specific treatments will be necessary.

  • Cotton Garments – Use a diluted solution of white vinegar and cold water. Soak in the solution for 15-20 minutes and then launder as usual.
  • Polyester/Nylon Garments – Use an enzyme-based spot treatment and launder as usual.
  • Fur Garments – Use a special fur-cleaning product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Delicate Garments – Take to a professional dry cleaners.

4. Launder as Usual

Once the treatment is complete, launder the garment as you normally would according to the care label. It’s important to not use a dryer, since the heat could worsen the problem. Allow the garment to air dry.

5. Give it a Final Check

Once the garment is finished air-drying, examine it one final time. The burn marks should be gone or greatly faded. If not, then additional treatments may be necessary.

Burning clothes can be a frustrating experience, but with the right treatment, you can get those burn marks out of your beloved garments. And with the tips and tricks in this article, you’ll be on your way to stain-free clothing in no time!

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