can you get butter out of clothes

can you get butter out of clothes

How to remove butter from clothes?

Butter is delicious, but it can be a tricky ingredient to work with. Accidents can happen and you may end up with butter on your clothes. Thankfully, there are some simple strategies you can use to remove butter stain from your clothes.

Things You Will Need:

  • Laundry detergent
  • White vinegar
  • Cleansing foam
  • Lemon juice
  • Non-acetone nail polish


  1. Act quickly. Ideally, you should treat the stain immediately – don’t let the butter dry on the fabric. Gently scrape off as much butter from your clothes as possible.
  2. Dab the stain. Take a clean, white cloth and dampen it with luke warm water. Dab at the stained area, trying not to spread the stain.
  3. Apply laundry detergent. Apply some laundry detergent directly onto the stain and work it into a lather.
  4. Soak your clothes. Once the stain is well covered with the detergent, soak the clothes in lukewarm water for 30 minutes.
  5. Try other treatments. If the stain still remains, apply some white vinegar or cleansing foam. Alternatively, use lemon juice or non-acetone nail polish.
  6. Wash the clothes. Wash the clothes on the warmest setting that is suitable for the fabric.


  • Be gentle – scrubbing the stain vigorously may only make it worse.
  • If the stain is no longer visible, let the item dry and check if the stain has returned.
  • If nothing else helps, consider taking the item to a dry cleaner.

With a bit of luck, these simple tips should help you remove butter from your clothes. Good luck and happy cleaning!

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