can you get covid from clothes 2022

can you get covid from clothes 2022

Can You Get COVID from Clothes in 2022?

With the gradual decline of the covid-19 pandemic in many parts of the world and the rollout of several vaccines, many are hopeful that the worst is behind us. But while the chances that the virus will be completely wiped out by 2022 may seem slim, one of the major questions on everyone’s minds is whether you can get COVID from clothes by then.

What Experts Say

Based on the current evidence, experts believe that the low risk of catching the virus through clothes is unlikely to change over the next year. As Noah Craft, an infectious disease specialist, points out in the Harvard HealthLetter:

  • Air transmission is much more of a risk than touching a garment
  • Virus particles can’t survive on surfaces for extended periods of time
  • Frequency of laundering is important to reduce any potential risk

In other words, the risk of catching the virus through clothes is low, and that’s likely to remain the same even in 2022.

What You Can Do

It’s important to note that regardless of the year, it’s always a good idea to take simple precautions like washing and drying your clothes regularly to reduce the chance of transmitting the virus. Additionally, you should also:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling laundry
  • Wear a facemask and gloves when handling laundry
  • Avoid sharing laundry baskets, hampers, and other items used to store or transport clothes
  • Disinfect laundry after you’re done handling it

These are all relatively simple steps that can help to minimize your risk of catching the virus.


By 2022, the chances that you can catch COVID from clothes are likely to remain low. Still, it’s important to practice general hygiene and safety measures to help minimize any potential risk of transmission. So keep washing and drying your clothes regularly and keep your distance!

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