can you get red out of white clothes

can you get red out of white clothes

Can You Get Red Out of White Clothes?

Stepping out of a crowded party, you quickly find out that the goofy cupcake, which you have been nibbling all night, was not what it seemed. Now the lipstick-hued frosting has left your beloved white shirt stained with a daunting red blotch.

You panic. With all the talk of fading colors, having to throw out clothes, and endless laundry loads, you start to wonder–can you really get red out of white clothes?

The answer is–YES! Even though it might be challenging, you can successfully remove red stains from white garments.


Gone are the days of being hopelessly stuck with stained clothes–there are plenty of tools and techniques that can help you stay confident in your stylish whites. Here are 3 methods for getting red out of white clothes:

  • Try a Stain Remover: Using an all-purpose stain remover is an effective way to get red out of white clothes. Simply apply the liquid to the stain and, after letting it sit a while, attempt to scrub it out with a brush. This option will work on both set-in and fresh stains.
  • Try Color-Safe Bleach Solution: Color-safe bleach can also help remove red stains, including those made by food dye, fruit punch, and lipstick. Soak the garment in a solution of warm water and a teaspoon of bleach.
  • Try Oxi-Clean: Oxi-Clean is a great alternative for those worried about over-bleaching the fabric. Mix one scoop of powder in four liters of water, and separate colors before submerging the fabric in the mixture. Wash the garment in a washing machine after 15 minutes of soaking, and the garment should have no trace of red.

You can also try reducing the stain with toothpaste, vinegar, or baking soda. Whatever you try, make sure to use cold water and never use hot, as this can cause the stain to set permanently.


Removing red out of white clothes can be difficult, but there are many different methods–from stain removers to home remedies– that you can use to effectively get the job done. All you need is a bit of patience and knowledge of how to properly approach the stain.

Good luck!

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