can you get sick from not wearing enough clothes

can you get sick from not wearing enough clothes

Can You Get Sick From Not Wearing Enough Clothes?

In the winter, it can be tempting to go out with only a thin layer of clothing, especially if you’re one of those people who never seem to feel cold. After all, it’s no fun feeling like a stuffed sausage in all those layers, right?

Unfortunately, while it might be tempting, not wearing enough clothing when it’s cold can have serious health impacts, ranging all the way from slight discomfort to an increased risk of death.

Temperature and Bacteria

The primary reason why not wearing enough layers can be dangerous relates to temperature, and the bacterial organisms present in our skin’s microbiome. When external temperatures drop, so does our body’s natural defenses, weakening the protective barriers created by our skin’s bacteria. This means there is more of a chance for bad bacteria to thrive, leading to more opportunities for infection.

One of the biggest risks of not wearing enough layers is hypothermia, which occurs when a person experiences a significant drop in their core body temperature. Prolonged hypothermia can lead to organ failure, coma and in serious cases, death.

Clothing are your Best Protection

The best way to protect yourself from hypothermia and other health complications of being outside without sufficient clothing is to bundle up as much as possible when you go outside. Make sure you’re prepared for the temperature changes that happen between day and night.

When you’re properly dressed for the weather, you should have at least:

  • A Hat – Covering your head is important in colder temperatures, as the majority of heat escape through your head.
  • A Scarf – A scarf not only makes you look stylish, but it also helps keep your chest and neck area warm and insulated, thus avoiding further heat loss.
  • A Jacket – Invest in a good winter coat that can keep you both warm, and resists the wind and rain.
  • Several Layers of Clothing – Layering clothes will help trap the heat and provide insulation
  • Socks and Gloves – Don’t forget to wear a pair of gloves and thick socks too. Your hands and feet are especially prone to the cold, and you can even lose fingers or toes to frostbite.

Finally, be sure to avoid alcohol while outdoors, as this can lead to lower body temperatures, and can limit your body’s ability to regulate itself correctly.


In conclusion, not wearing enough clothing in cold weather can be very dangerous, and can lead to severe health issues, including hypothermia and frostbite. However, if you follow the few safety tips mentioned above, then you should be safe and sound.

So, don’t risk your health; put on your gloves, scarf, hat and jacket. And, of course, don’t forget your furry friends – always give your pets extra insulation in cold temperatures as well.

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