can you get spray paint out of clothes

can you get spray paint out of clothes

Can You Get Spray Paint Out of Clothes?

Spray paint is a fun and easy way to customize and add character to items, however if done carelessly, it can be accidentally sprayed onto clothing, resulting in an expensive and frustrating mess.

When it comes to getting spray paint out of clothes, it all depends on the type of fabric and type of paint that you are trying to remove. Fortunately, there are chemical and natural methods available to try and remove the paint, allowing you to salvage the clothing and avoid having to throw it away.

Chemical Removal Method

The first suggested method for removing spray paint from fabric is with a chemical removal process. The two most commonly used chemicals for spray paint removal are acetone and alcohol, although other chemicals are available.

Using either of these chemicals to remove the spray paint requires soaking the stained fabric in warm water and then applying the chemical to the affected area. After this, gently rub the paint off with a cloth and then rinse with warm water. If that doesn’t work, then consider using a stronger solvent.

Alternative Removal Method

If you would prefer not to use chemicals then the alternative natural method should be considered. This involves using baking soda, hand soap and warm water to remove the paint. Simply mix together a paste of baking soda, hand soap and warm water and rub it into the paint stain. Let the paste sit on the stain for a few minutes and then wash the fabric with warm water.

Tips for Removing Spray Paint from Clothes

  • Test the Solution on a Discreet Area– It is always important to test any solution on a discreet area of fabric before trying it on the stain. This ensures that the fabric remains undamaged.
  • Rub with a Brisk Motion– When rubbing the affected area, be sure to apply a brisk back and forth motion to help lift the paint from the fabric.
  • Use a Sponge– When using a chemical removal process, be sure to use a sponge instead of directly rubbing with a cloth as the sponge will help protect the fabric.

Although it may be a tricky process, it is still possible to get spray paint out of clothes without having to throw them away. If you accidently get spray paint on your clothing, be sure to try one of the above methods and you may just be surprised at the results.

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