can you get super glue out of clothes

can you get super glue out of clothes

Removing Super Glue from Clothing

Super glue has a reputation for being a bit of a nuisance when it gets into places it’s not supposed to. All it takes is a little bit of carelessness when using it, and it can end up ruining a favourite shirt!

Fortunately, it’s possible to remove super glue from garments without causing further damage. Here’s how:

Using Acetone

Acetone is the most effective way to remove super glue from clothes. If you happen to have nail polish remover lying around, that should do the trick!

  • Start by soaking a cotton ball or pad with the acetone-based solution.
  • Gently rub the affected area.
  • Continue rubbing until the glue starts to lift from the fabric.
  • Do not scrub hard, as this could damage the fabric.
  • Once all of the glue has been removed, rinse the area with warm water. Repeat the steps if necessary.
  • Machine wash the item as usual and air dry.

Using Non-Acetone Solutions

If you don’t have access to acetone, there are some alternative methods for removing super glue from clothing.

  • Generously apply cooking oil (e.g. olive oil or vegetable oil) to the affected area.
  • Gently rub the oil into the glue, then rinse with warm soapy water.
  • Launder the item as usual.
  • Oil residue may remain on the garment after, so make sure to pre-treat the garment with a stain remover prior to washing.


Getting super glue out of clothes can be a daunting task, but with a bit of effort and patience, it can be done. Whether you opt for an acetone-based solution or a non-acetone alternative, make sure to follow the steps outlined above carefully to avoid further damage to the garment. Good luck!

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