can you hang dry clothes in the winter

can you hang dry clothes in the winter

Can You Hang Dry Clothes in the Winter?

In the winter months many of us are looking for ways to save money and reduce our energy consumption, but is hanging your wet clothes outside in the cold winter air a good idea?


  • No need to spend money on energy for the dryer
  • Clothes dry faster in cold air than in warm air
  • Reduces wear and tear on clothes from the dryer’s tumbling
  • The sun’s UV rays help to naturally disinfect and clean clothes


  • Clothes freeze while drying in cold temperatures
  • There’s a greater risk of clothes shrinking in cold weather
  • The winter wind may leave clothes looking messy
  • You will need to use more clothespins to keep clothes in place on the line

Overall, hanging clothes out in the winter may be a money-saving option for some people, but it does come with its risks. It is wise to use caution and check the temperature before hanging clothes outside. Shrinking delicate items is a real concern, so consider only hanging durable fabrics like jeans and wool sweaters on the line in the winter. It is also wise to choose a day with minimal wind, as this can help keep clothes looking tidy.

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