can you hang dry clothes in the winter

can you hang dry clothes in the winter

Can You Hang Dry Clothes in The Winter?

The winter months can be an opportune time to hang dry laundry, as long as you take a few precautions. With some modifications to the way you hang and dry your clothes, winter can become just as ideal a time as summertime for drying your clothing.

Choosing The Right Garments

The most important factor in wintertime success when it comes to hang drying your clothes is choosing the right clothing. Heavier fabrics such as:

  • Towels
  • Jeans
  • Wool

are more suited to wintertime drying, as their thicker fabrics won’t be compromised by dampness and cold air. Try to avoid lightweight and delicate fabrics, as these often require greater warmth and faster drying, which may not suitable in the winter.

Location Is Key

When hanging clothes in the winter, pay careful attention to the locations for doing so. Whenever possible, try to find a warm, sun-filled room right after laundering your clothes. If you only have a balcony at your disposal, select clothing appropriate for outdoor display and always check the temperature beforehand to ensure it is warm enough. Cold and shady areas should be avoided.

Minimizing Mildew and Odors

Winter time temperatures can create an ideal environment for mildew and musty odors to form. Make sure to use plenty of clothing pins in order to provide maximum space between items, allowing garments to dry faster. Laying out a few towels underneath the clothing is also a great way to absorb extra moisture and to prevent mildew from forming.

Hang drying your clothes in the cold winter months can be challenging, but with a few easy steps you can ensure perfect dry garments with minimal effort and time. By paying attention to the types of garments you are attempting to dry, the area they are drying in and the extra steps that can help to reduce mildew and odor, you’ll be able to keep your clothes looking and smelling as fresh as in the summertime.

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