can you iron wet clothes

can you iron wet clothes

Can You Iron Wet Clothes?

Ironing clothes can be a tedious and time-consuming chore. When we’re looking for ways to makes this process easier and quicker, it’s natural to wonder – can you iron wet clothes?

The Short Answer

Yes, you can iron wet clothes. In fact, some fabrics will look better when they are ironed damp.

How to Iron Wet Clothes

It’s important to keep a few things in mind when ironing wet clothes:

  • Set the Iron Temperature to the Appropriate Level: Make sure your iron is set to the right level for the type of fabric. If you’re unsure what temperature to use, keep it low, as some fabrics (like silk) can be easily damaged by too much heat.
  • Start with the Highest-hanging Pieces: Make sure to begin your ironing from the highest hanging piece of clothing – this way, water won’t drip onto other clothes.
  • Keep the Iron Moving: Keeping the iron in one spot for too long can cause water or heat damage, so make sure to press the iron quickly.
  • Turn the Fabric Inside Out and Iron Carefully: Doing this can help ensure that you don’t damage the fabric of your clothing.

When to Avoid Ironing Wet Clothes

Although it is possible to iron wet clothes, it is important to be careful when doing so. Some fabrics should never be ironed damp, such as sheer fabrics and rayon. If you aren’t sure if a particular fabric should be ironed damp, it’s best to avoid it.

Overall, it is possible to iron wet clothes, but caution should still be taken when doing so. Choosing the right iron temperature and making sure to turn the fabric inside out are two important steps for ironing wet clothes safely.

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