can you microwave clothes

can you microwave clothes

Can You Microwave Clothes?

You may have wondered on occasion if you can throw a shirt into the microwave to save time while doing laundry: after all, why do it the old fashioned way by washing, drying, and ironing if you can nuke it in seconds?

Unfortunately, the answer is no – you cannot microwave clothes. Trying to utilize the microwave to dry clothes is extremely dangerous and could potentially result in a fire. Therefore, it is advised that you refrain from putting any fabric into your microwave.

Here are some reasons why you should not microwave clothes:

  • Fire Hazard – Clothing is often made of synthetic fibers which can ignite when heated to a high enough temperature. As the microwave radiates heat, it could cause these components to catch fire which would damage your microwave and potentially start a much larger fire.
  • Loss of Shape – Microwaving clothes might shrink them, stretch them, or change the fabric’s structure entirely.
  • Melting Danger – Many materials used to create clothing, such as buttons, could melt in the microwave, potentially causing serious and harmful burns to the operator.

Rather than taking a risk and attempting to dry clothes in the microwave, it is highly recommended to use a reliable and safe drying method. This can involve using a washing machine, or simply hanging wet clothes on a line or in a dryer.

In conclusion, it is not advisable to microwave clothes due to the risk of injuring yourself and potentially causing a fire. Stick to regular laundry methods to ensure your safety and the condition of your clothes.

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