can you microwave clothes

can you microwave clothes

Can You Microwave Clothes?

Generally, it is not recommended to put clothes in the microwave. The microwave can heat and dry out clothing, which can create a fire hazard as well as cause damage to the appliance. However, if you feel the need to use your microwave to dry clothes, you can, as long as you take extra steps to ensure safety.

Reasons Why You Should Not Microwave Clothes

  • Fire hazard. Clothes contain oils and certain fabrics, such as wool, can easily catch fire in the heat of the microwave.
  • Damage to the microwave. The high heat of a microwave can damage the interior of the appliance as well.
  • Stiff fabric. The intense heat from the microwave can cause fabrics to become overly stiff and uncomfortable to wear.

Safe Ways of Drying Clothes in a Microwave

  • Choose low-heat fabric. Stick to natural fibers like cotton or linen as they will dry better in the microwave. Synthetic fabrics do not respond well to heat.
  • Hang clothes correctly. Make sure to hang the clothes correctly in the microwave. Too much bulk may lead to uneven drying and even fire.
  • Monitor the clothes. Monitor the drying process closely. It is best to do it in increments of a few minutes at a time so you don’t overdo it.
  • Unplug the microwave. When done, unplug the appliance and allow the clothes to cool down naturally.

In conclusion, microwaving clothes is not the best way to dry them. It is highly recommended that you air dry your clothes or use a clothes dryer for better results and greater safety.

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