can you patent clothing

can you patent clothing

Can You Patent Clothing?

Clothing is one of the most popular forms of creative expression of all time. With the invention of new fabrics and techniques for creating garments, it’s no wonder why so many people enjoy designing clothing. But a question often arises; can one patent clothing?

What Are The Benefits of Patents?

There are several benefits to patenting clothing items, the most notable being the ability to protect your designs from being copied by others. That way, you can ensure that your original look and design remain unique and untampered by another designer. Patenting also gives the owner certain exclusive rights to market and produce their designs. This can help make them a success in the marketplace and keep their items in high demand.

What Can You Patent?

Not all clothing can be patented. To qualify for patent protection, a design must meet certain criteria. Clothing designs must be original and unobvious, meaning that it must not be an obvious variation of previous designs. It must also be fully described in the patent application in detail.

Examples of Patented Clothing

There have been several notable examples of patented clothing over the years. Some of the most famous include:

  • The TuTu: A patented version of Ralph Lauren’s famous “revolving skirt” design
  • The Wrap: A combination swimsuit, skirt and top patented by Norma Kamali
  • The Sneaker: A revolutionary sneaker design patented by Nike


In conclusion, clothing can be patented if it meets certain criteria. Doing so can provide the owner with certain exclusive rights and the ability to prevent copying of their designs. There have been several famous patented clothing items over the years, each showcasing the creativity and innovation of the patent holder.

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