can you put sopping wet clothes in the dryer

can you put sopping wet clothes in the dryer

Can You Put Sopping Wet Clothes In The Dryer?

Sure, you can put sodden clothes in the dryer, but there are some important specifications to keep in mind. Properly drying your sodden clothes can only be achieved if you understand how to use the right settings and equipment.

Methods To Dry Sopping Wet Clothes

  • Set The Temperature and Timer- Set the temperature to the lowest and use a timer according to the fabric type the clothing is made from. Moreover, toss the clothes and dry them on a low heat.
  • Set the Dry Cycle- If the clothes are heavily drenched or clothing for children or delicate items like lingerie, choose a cool or delicate drying cycle.
  • Fluff the Clothing – Once the clothes are placed inside the dryer, check the clothing after every few minutes and fluff them. This helps to evenly distribute the heat and make the fabric softer.
  • Check for Dampness – After the timer goes off, check the clothes for dampness. If the clothes are sodden and need further drying, extend the timer accordingly.
  • Remove the Clothes – Once the clothes are completely dry, take out the clothes immediately and let them cool naturally. Do not fold the clothes while they are still hot as this can cause permanent wrinkles.

In conclusion, it is perfectly alright to put soaked clothes in the dryer but it requires proper settings and understanding of the associated risks. Following the right instructions mentioned above can help you make the drying process easier and more efficient.

Be mindful that drying clothes too often can also cause them to shrink over time.

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