can you put wet clothes in dryer

can you put wet clothes in dryer

Can You Put Wet Clothes in the Dryer?

The classic debate of whether you can put wet clothes in the dryer has been around for years. On the one hand, it seems like a convenient way to dry clothes quickly and reduce the amount of time spent tending to them. On the other, there’s always the fear that putting wet clothes in the dryer could result in damage or mess.

So can you put wet clothes in the dryer? While it’s not explicitly recommended, if done properly and with caution, it is possible.

The Pros of Washing Wet Clothes in the Dryer

  • It’s fast: Wet clothes can dry in much less time than when hung up to dry.
  • Reduces the chance of mildew: The heat from the dryer helps dry the clothes more quickly, and can help prevent mildew.
  • Energy-efficient: On average, a dryer uses far less energy than an oven when trying to dry clothes.

The Potential Downsides of Washing Wet Clothes in the Dryer

  • Damage to fabric: Especially with delicate fabrics, high heat from the dryer can cause clothes to shrink or otherwise become damaged.
  • Sticking together: Wet clothes dried together in the dryer are likely to stick together, creating creases and potentially stretching the fabric.
  • High energy bills: As the dryer consumes a lot of energy, an increase in usage could lead to bigger energy bills.


In short, it is possible to put wet clothes in the dryer, although it’s not recommended. The potential for damage and mess is high and it can be hard to determine what sort of temperature is safe for different types of clothes. As such, it’s always best to read up on any specific fabric care instructions and follow them in order to preserve your clothes.

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