can you return clothes from shein

can you return clothes from shein

Can You Return Clothes From Shein?

If you’re about to purchase clothes from Shein, you might be wondering if it’s easy to return them once you’ve received the item. Depending on the item in question, and the conditions you’ve met, it’s generally easy to return items from Shein.

Return Policy

Shein has a 30-day return policy, so if your item doesn’t meet your expectations you can always send it back.

Important: The item must be unused, in the exact same condition you’ve received it, not damaged, and with the same tags and packaging.

Procedures for Return

Once you’ve received your item, you can follow these steps to return it:

  • Log in to your Shein account, go to the “My Orders” section, and select Return/Exchange.
  • Enter your order number and item information, then click Submit.
  • Once your return request is approved, print out a pre-paid label and affix it to your package.
  • Drop off the package at your nearest post office.
  • Once Shein receives the package, they’ll process your refund and email you a confirmation.


If you want to exchange your item for a different size or style, you can do so without incurring extra charges, as long as you’ve met the conditions and it’s within the 30-day return period.


In summary, returning items from Shein is generally easy and straightforward. While specific conditions must be met, and there are procedures you must follow, Shein has a generous return policy that allows for returns up to 30 days after purchase. If you meet the criteria required for a refund or exchange, you can quickly and easily return your item and receive a refund or get an exchange.

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