can you return clothing to goodwill

can you return clothing to goodwill

Can You Return Clothing To Goodwill?

Goodwill is an amazing organization that helps those in need with their donations. Returns to Goodwill can often be confusing and a little confusing when it comes to returning clothing. Many people have questions about returning clothing to Goodwill, so here are some facts you need to know:

What Kinds of Items Can Be Returned?

Goodwill accepts items that are in good condition and still have lots of life in them. To be sure your clothing is accepted, it should be free of any permanent damage, stains, tears, rips, and excessive wear.

Where Can I Return Clothing?

Clothing can be returned to any Goodwill retail store or donation center. You can find your nearest location at

What Are the Return Policies?

Goodwill does not offer refunds, exchanges, or store credit for clothing donations. All clothing donations become the property of Goodwill, so returns are not accepted.

Tips for Returning Items:

  • Clean your donations before returning them. Goodwill operates free of germs, bedbugs, and other contaminants, so please help them keep their stores safe and clean by washing, or dry-cleaning your donations before returning them.
  • Package your donations properly. For safety, wrap glass, fragile items, and other non-glass breakables in bubble wrap when returning them.
  • Donate items you would use again. Poorly damaged items can’t be sold in Goodwill stores or given to customers, so donate items that you think someone else would like to use.

So, can you return clothing to Goodwill? Unfortunately, no, Goodwill does not accept returns for clothing donations. Donating clothing to Goodwill helps families in need, so be sure to donate quality items that someone else would get joy from.

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