can you sell clothes in rec room

can you sell clothes in rec room

Selling clothes in Rec Room

Rec Room is a cross-platform virtual reality game that allows players to create and explore virtual environments, as well as engage in multiplayer games. Players can join friends, create their own personal avatars, and customize their own virtual spaces. As they continue to game, they can earn experience points and purchase in-game items such as avatar clothes and accessories. With a growing community of more than 7 million gamers, Rec Room is becoming increasingly popular.

Can you sell clothes in Rec Room?

The answer is yes! While it’s not currently possible to purchase clothing items directly from Rec Room, players have the opportunity to customize their avatars by shopping outside the game. There are a variety of websites offering a range of custom clothing items that are compatible with Rec Room, including:

  • RecOutfitters – Provides a selection of avatar clothing items for purchase.
  • RRCC Clothing Store – An online store specifically for Rec Room clothing.
  • Etsy – Offers a wide selection of custom and unique items for your avatar.

These stores offer a variety of avatar clothing styles and allows players to design their avatars to their own personal preference. From casual clothing to formal and semi-formal attire, there are an abundance of options to choose from.

Where Can I Buy Clothes in Rec Room?

The best way to purchase clothes in Rec Room is through the websites listed above. All you need to do is create a username on these websites, choose the type of clothing that you want, and then add the items to your cart. After you have paid for the items, they will be shipped directly to your mailbox in Rec Room, and you can then dress your avatar accordingly.

In addition to purchasing clothing items, players can also sell clothes in Rec Room. If you want to sell clothes in Rec Room, the process is quite simple. Players can create their own clothing stores, customize their own items and put them up for sale in the virtual world. You can also join communities in Rec Room and collaborate with other players to create custom clothing items.


Rec Room provides players with the opportunity to customize their own avatars and explore a variety of virtual worlds. Players can shop online for avatar clothing items, or design and sell their own custom clothing items to other players. With an ever-growing community of more than 7 million active players, Rec Room is a great way to express your creative side and make a little extra money.

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