can you sell your clothes at goodwill

can you sell your clothes at goodwill

Can You Sell Your Clothes at Goodwill?

Do you have clothes that you’re no longer wearing or no longer fits? You can try selling them off but you probably won’t get the best bang for your buck. Instead, why not consider donating them to Goodwill? Doing so not only helps someone else out and keeps your clothes out of a landfill, but Goodwill may pay you in return. Read on to learn more about selling your clothes to Goodwill.

What Is Goodwill?

Goodwill is an international, non-profit organization that turned an idea of charity into a thriving, successful social enterprise. They take in donations of goods and then resell them at reduced prices to help fund job training and educational programs.

Do They Take Donations of Clothing?

Goodwill accepts all kinds of donations including clothes, furniture, electronics, books, and many other items. If you have clothes that are still in good shape and wearable, it’s worth considering donating them.

Can You Sell Your Clothes To Goodwill?

Yes, you can actually sell your clothes to Goodwill. Goodwill has a program known as the “Valued Donor Program” which is their version of a consignment shop. The way it works is that you bring in a box of up to 25 articles of clothing that you want to donate/sell and Goodwill looks through it and makes you an offer for the items. They will pay you a fraction of what they would sell the item for and then you can decide if you want to accept the offer.

Benefits of Selling Your Clothes at Goodwill

  • Money Back: Selling your clothes at Goodwill gives you the option of getting some money back from your donation which can help cover the cost of new clothes.
  • Donating to a Good Cause: As mentioned before, Goodwill is an organization that donates to a good cause and is considered a social enterprise. By donating your clothes, you’re helping them continue to do good work.
  • Keeps Clothes Out of Landfills: By donating your clothes, you’re helping to keep them out of landfills, instead allowing someone else the opportunity to enjoy them.


Donating your clothes to Goodwill is an easy and generous way to help someone else out, help the environment, and potentially make some money for yourself. With their Valued Donor Program, you can put some of your old clothes to good use and give someone else the joy of owning them.

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