can you soak white clothes in bleach

can you soak white clothes in bleach

Bleaching White Clothes

Bleaching can be a great way to freshen up, brighten and restore whites in your laundry. But it’s important to follow guidelines and never bleach items that aren’t meant to be bleached.

Can I Soak White Clothing in Bleach?

Bleaching is generally recommended only for non-colored, white fabrics, such as whites, grays and light colors, made from cotton and linen.

If your item is white, has no decorations or trim, and is made from cotton or linen, you can use a chlorine bleach. But be sure to test the fabric for colorfastness first.

Follow These Guidelines for Soaking White Clothing in Bleach

  • Check the fabric’s colorfastness. Test the fabric by wetting it and then blotting it with a small amount of diluted bleach. If the color doesn’t change, it’s safe to bleach.
  • Check for any bleach-safe decorations. Make sure that any decorations, such as embroidery, sequins, patches, or buttons, won’t be damaged by the bleaching process.
  • Check the garment’s care label. Look for any instructions not to use bleach on the garment’s care label.
  • Dilute your bleach. Use a 3:1 formula of water to bleach, or 1½ cups of bleach and 4½ cups of water, to safely and effectively bleach whites.
  • Soak the garment. Soak your whites in the diluted bleach solution, following your bleach’s instruction guide.
  • Rinse the garments. When done, rinse the garments in cold running water to stop the bleaching action and thoroughly remove any bleach residue.

Final Thoughts

Bleaching your whites can be a great way to restore and brighten your laundry. But don’t risk damaging your clothing – make sure your whites are bleachable, check for any bleach-safe decorations, read the care label and dilute your bleach.

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