can you throw away clothes

can you throw away clothes

Can you Throw Away Clothes?

When it comes to disposing of unwanted clothes, there are some key points to consider. You may be wondering can you simply throw them away. Read on to find out the answer and helpful tips for disposing of your used clothes in the most sustainable way.

Why Can’t I Put Clothes in the Trash?

Clothing is far more than just fabric. It consists of polyester, spandex, and other materials which, when they enter the landfill, produce toxins and cause damage to the surrounding environment. In addition, landfills are filling up quickly with all forms of waste, the problem of which is only growing worse.

What Can I do With My Unwanted Clothes?

Luckily, there are options when it comes to disposing of clothes. Consider the following:

  • Donate It – pass on your clothes to someone in need. There are many charities that accept donations of gently used items.
  • Reuse It – if the item is not suitable for donation, you can always find an alternative purpose for it. For example, use old t-shirts for dusting or transforming denim into bags for yourself or for charity.
  • Recycle It – if the item cannot be reused, then it is time to consider recycling it. Textiles can be recycled into fabric, insulation and other materials.


In conclusion, throwing clothes away is not an option. While it can seem like extra effort, disposing of clothes in a sustainable way will help prevent pollution and environmental damage. Donating and recycling are great options, but you can also think outside the box and reuse clothing in creative ways.

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