can you throw clothes in trash

can you throw clothes in trash

What can you do with clothes that are beyond repair?

We all have clothes that are beyond repair and we don’t know how to get rid of them. It’s tempting just to throw them in the trash, but this is not the best way to dispose of them.

Donating Old Clothes

The best thing you can do with clothes that are too worn to wear is to donate them. Many charities welcome donations of used clothing, and there may be drop-off centers in your area. The clothes you donate can be used to help people in need.

Upcycling Old Clothes

If you’re feeling crafty, you can also try upcycling old clothes. This involves altering them in some way, such as turning a pair of jeans into a skirt or adding patches to a T-shirt. It’s a great way to give old clothes a second life.

Recycling Old Clothes

In some cases, clothes can be recycled. Fabric recycling centers take old clothes and turn them into new items, such as cleaning cloths or stuffing for furniture. Check your local area for a fabric recycling center near you.

Trash as a Last Resort

If you can’t donate, upcycle, or recycle your old clothes, then you can throw them in the trash. But be sure to keep all metal items, such as buttons and zippers, out of the landfill.


There are plenty of options for disposing of clothes that are beyond repair. Donating, upcycling, and recycling are all great ways to give old clothes a second life, while throwing items in the trash should be seen as a last resort.

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