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Can You Try On Clothes at Goodwill 2022?

Goodwill is an organization that provides many products to consumers, including clothing. You may be wondering if you can try on clothes in Goodwill stores when they reopen in 2022.

The answer to this question is yes, they will be allowing customers to try on clothing when stores reopen in 2022. This is great news for those looking to shop at Goodwill for clothing needs.

Safety Precautions

Goodwill will be taking steps to ensure the safety of both employees and customers who try on clothes. Here are some of the precautions that will be taken:

    • All fitting rooms will be disinfected after every customer.


    • Employees will wear masks and gloves.


    • A limited number of people were in the fitting room.


    • Customers must bring their own masks and gloves.


These steps and others will be put in place to ensure that the Goodwill stores are safe and welcoming places for shoppers.

Other Benefits of Shopping at Goodwill

There are many other benefits of shopping at Goodwill. Aside from the fact that it is now safe to try on clothes, Goodwill has always been known for its great quality and variety of clothing items.

    • Affordable: Most items at Goodwill stores are very affordable as compared to other stores.


    • Sustainable: Shopping at Goodwill helps keep clothing that would otherwise end up in landfills out of circulation.


    • Social mission: Goodwill stores have a social mission that helps create jobs and other services that benefit their local communities.


With Goodwill stores reopening and customer safety being their top priority, there has never been a better time to shop at Goodwill.

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