can you use bleach on white clothes

can you use bleach on white clothes

Can You Use Bleach on White Clothes?

Using bleach on white fabrics can be an effective method to brighten and restore whites, helping to make overall laundry appear more vibrant, and keep it looking brighter longer. However, while you may be tempted to grab the bleach just any time you need to bring fabric back to its original white color, it is important to be careful when using bleach and know when it is and isn’t appropriate to use on fabrics.

When to Use Bleach on White Clothes

There are many cases in which bleach can be useful when it comes to brightening and whitening white fabrics:

  • When fabrics are dingy or yellowing
  • When fabrics have sweat or deodorant stains
  • When fabrics have gray or rust stains
  • When fabrics have mildew or have been near mildew

These are some common instances when users may turn to bleach. Bleach is also useful after sporting events, camping trips and other occasions when dirt and grime can accumulate on whites and make them look old.

When Not to Use Bleach on White Clothes

Bleach isn’t appropriate for all fabrics. It is important to know the fabric composition of clothing items before using bleach. If the fabric contains any portion of wool, silk, or spandex, it should never be exposed to bleach. Bleach can permanently damage fabrics, causing them to become brittle and discolored. It is also not a good idea to use bleach on fabrics with red dyes, as it will cause the fabric to turn pink. If uncertain, it is always best to use an alternative cleaning method or even a bleach alternative.

Ultimately, bleach can be useful when used correctly to help brighten and restore whites. As long as users know when it is and isn’t appropriate to use bleach, they can take steps to extend the life of their clothing.

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