Can you use fabric softener on white clothes

can you use fabric softener on white clothes


Can You Use Fabric Softener on White Clothes?

Using fabric softener on white clothing can keep them bright and soft, and many people wonder if it makes any difference on these lighter colors. The answer is yes, you can use fabric softener on white clothes, but take some precautionary steps before you do:

1. Read the Care Label

Check the care label on the item of white clothing you plan to wash to determine the fabric type and how it should be washed. Some fabrics may lose their shape and become distorted if fabric softener is used on them.

2. Try a Softer Detergent

Opt for a softer detergent, such as an all-natural soap or a delicate fabric wash created for use on lingerie. These detergents won’t strip away the natural oils from the fabric, and can be made from plant-based ingredients that are gentler and less harsh on clothes than some commercial brands.

3. Use Fabric Softener Moderately

When using a  softener, use it in moderation. Don’t use more than is recommended, as this can leave white clothes looking dingy and grey. Don’t forget to dissolve the fabric softener in water, and use a low heat setting when drying.

4. Spot Test

If in doubt, it’s also a good idea to do a spot test before you wash any white clothing. Simply apply a small amount of fabric softener to a hidden corner of the fabric and wait a few minutes. If discoloring occurs, don’t use the softener on that item of clothing.

In Conclusion

Fabric softener can be beneficial for white clothes, as it can soften fabrics, make them smell fresher for longer, and can even help keep whites brighter. But it’s important to follow the steps above to ensure any white items don’t discolor.

Tips for Washing White Clothes

Here are some tips to get the most from white clothes:

    • Wash white items separately from colored items.


    • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat


    • Soak stubborn marks in cold water and a few drops of laundry liquid before washing.


    • Run a final cool-water rinse just before the spin cycle to help prevent discoloration.


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