can you use lysol on clothes

can you use lysol on clothes

Can You Use Lysol On Clothes?

Lysol is a popular disinfectant and antibacterial cleaning solution. But can it be used on clothes?

YES – But with Precautions

Yes, you can use Lysol on some cloth materials safely. Lysol is great for killing germs and removing odors. Before using it on any fabric, however, it is important to read the label instructions as some fabrics may not hold up to Lysol’s disinfecting powers.

No – On Certain Fabrics

There are certain fabrics and materials that you should not use Lysol on. These include:

  • Silk – Lysol can cause discoloration and can damage the fabric.
  • Rayon – Lysol can cause staining, fading and weakening of the fabric.
  • Wool – Lysol can cause shrinking and loss of color.

How To Safely Use Lysol On Clothes

If you decide to use Lysol on clothes, here are some tips:

  • First, check the labels to make sure the fabrics can handle Lysol.
  • Mix the appropriate amount of Lysol in the water according to the directions on the label.
  • After washing the clothes, add the Lysol solution to the rinse cycle.
  • Allow the clothes to dry naturally. Do not use a dryer.


Lysol can be used on some materials, but it is important to carefully read the instructions on the labels and to take proper precautions. You should also test a small piece of the fabric before using Lysol on the entire item.

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