can you use super glue on clothes

can you use super glue on clothes

Using Super Glue on Clothes: Pros & Cons

Super glue – also known as cyanoacrylate – is a popular adhesive, often used for DIY projects and repairs. It’s useful for sticking items together that may not have previously been meant to, like clothes. But is using super glue on clothing really a good idea, and if so – in what cases?


  • Inexpensive and convenient – Super glue is a one-time purchase, making it a cost-effective solution for repairs that may otherwise be expensive.
  • Strong and durable – Super glue can bind different materials together, forming a strong and long-lasting bond.
  • Permanent solution – Unlike hemming and tacking, applying super glue to trousers or shoes will last a long time.


  • Stainable – Super glue absorbs dyes from fabric, making it challenging to apply to clothes without leaving a mark.
  • Toxic – Super glue isn’t suitable for use on items that come into contact with skin, due to its toxicity.
  • Dry cleaning only – Items stuck together with super glue will most likely be ruined if washed in a machine.

In conclusion, using super glue on clothes is certainly a viable option, although it should be used with discretion. Super glue should only be considered if you have clothing items that may not have been originally designed to connect, such as hemming trousers or sticking on patches. If these items are relatively inexpensive and not of much sentimental value, using super glue can help save time and money.

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