can you vacuum seal clothes for a flight

can you vacuum seal clothes for a flight

Can You Vacuum Seal Clothes For a Flight?

As anyone who has ever traveled knows, packing clothes for a flight can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Finding the right balance between carrying enough changes of clothes, without overloading your suitcase, is tricky. Luckily, packing clothes in a vacuum seal can help you get the most out of your available luggage space.

What Is Vacuum Sealing?

Vacuum sealing is a process in which you place your clothes in a special plastic bag or container, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the air. This can leave your items much more compact and easier to fit into the confines of your suitcase.

The Benefits of Vacuum Sealing

Using a vacuum seal to pack for a flight has many benefits, including:

  • More Space – Vacuum sealing frees up valuable space in your bag, allowing you to fit more items in the same area.
  • Less Wrinkling – Clothes tend to wrinkle much less when they are vacuum sealed, meaning you can arrive looking more presentable.
  • Protection From Moisture – Vacuum sealing your clothes can protect them from moisture, which is especially helpful in hot and humid climates.

Are There Drawbacks?

Vacuum sealing is a great way to pack clothes for a flight, but there are some drawbacks to consider. Vacuum sealed items can take up a lot of space, and some airlines have restrictions on the size of bags you can bring. Additionally, it can be a bit costly to purchase bags and containers specifically for vacuum sealing.


Vacuum sealing can be a great way to pack your clothes for a flight, allowing you to maximize the space you have available and protect your items from moisture and wrinkling. Just make sure to check with your airline to make sure your luggage meets their size requirements.

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