can you wash a backpack with clothes

can you wash a backpack with clothes

Can You Wash a Backpack with Clothes?

It is perfectly safe to wash a backpack with clothes provided that certain steps are followed. Before considering washing a backpack with other items, it is important to understand the material used in the design of the bag.

What Material is Used in Your Backpack?

Most backpacks are constructed using fabrics made up of nylon or canvas. If the care label indicates that the backpack can be safely machine-washed, then it is safe to include it in a load of laundry. However, if the backpack has leather, canvas, or special detailing, a gentle hand-wash or spot treatment is recommended.

The Steps You Should Take

If you are certain the material will survive a machine-wash, follow the steps below:

  • Check the Care Label: Check the care label for correct cleaning instructions. Avoid exposing your bag to any harsh chemicals, bleaches, and fabric softeners for any type of fabric, especially leather bags.
  • Choose the Right Settings: Select the cold-water, gentle cycle wash setting on your machine.
  • Add the Cleaning Agents: Using minimal amounts of a mild detergent and fabric softener.
  • Choose the Right Laundry Bag: Place the backpack in a laundry bag and close the zipper, if possible. Doing this will help protect your backpack straps and zippers.
  • Dry the Bag: If a dryer was used, select the “Air Only” setting or tumble dry using low heat.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that if a backpack has special detailing, such as buckles and straps, a hand-wash is recommended. Whether you choose a machine-wash or a gentle hand-wash, the result will be a cleaner backpack.

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