can you wash ants out of clothes

can you wash ants out of clothes

Can You Wash Ants Out of Clothes?

Ants can seem like an annoying part of life, especially when you have to deal with them getting in your clothes. Unfortunately, ants can’t simply be just pulled out of fabric, so you’ll need to employ the help of some ant-fighting tactics. Read on for some helpful advice on how to get ants out of your clothes.

Check Your Washing Machine’s Settings

Before you attempt to wash the ants out of your clothes, make sure you check your washer’s settings and make sure they are on the highest heat setting. This heat should be enough to kill any ants in your clothes, as well as prevent more from getting in.

Use A Washing Product With Enzymes

In addition to making sure your washer is on the hottest setting, you should also use a washing product with enzymes. Enzyme-based products are great for getting out tough stains and dirt, but they also work well to remove ants from your clothes too.

Turn Your Clothes Inside Out

Turning your clothes inside out isn’t just a helpful tip when it comes to preventing pilling, this method can also be a great way to get rid of ants. By turning your clothes inside out, you’ll be able to spot any ants that may have turned up in the material.

Tumble Dry On High Heat

Once your clothes are washed, you can make sure all the ants are gone for good by tumble drying them on the highest heat setting possible. This will make sure any remaining ants will be killed off.

Preventive Measures

To make sure you don’t have to deal with ants in your clothes again, here are some of the best preventive measures:

  • Keep your house and belongings free of crumbs and food debris – ants are attracted to food and any traces of food in your house will call them in.
  • Check your clothes before putting them away – take a few extra minutes to check your clothes before putting them away, shaking them off and checking for any ants.
  • Vacuum and mop weekly – regular cleaning will help stop ants from coming into your home.

Getting ants out of your clothes can be a challenge, but with the right methods and preventive measures, you can be sure to keep them out of your favourite clothes for good!

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